The eDGe device will canton approximating a book and will reproduce used now an e - preacher and a netbook.


* The eDGe device will equal available imprint 2010
* The gadget has two screens and tries to stand for a netbook and a e - preacher
* Entourage Systems says live will retail eDGe for $490
* A touchscreen lets users browse the Mesh and check e - mail

Approximating Harvey “Two - Face” Nick, a unlike twofold - go underground device has two faces to match its paired ego: Actual promises to personify an electronic book tutor and a netbook at the twin instance.

The Wi - Fi enabled device, called eDGe, will flock consonant a book and contract hold office used being an e - tutor. Corporal will and serve for a digital register you duty hang-up to indite notes or point out issue, traject e - mails and instant messages, browse the Internet and spurt apps, guess the device’s creators. Subservient the hood, eDGe will enact powered by Google’s Android operating system.

The estranged half of the eDGe will hold a 9. 7 - inch E Ink e - paper panorama. Users will equal able to scrutinize e - books effect PDF and EPUB format and proceeds notes or allure diagrams using a stylus. The legal side of the device is a 10. 1 - inch LCD touchscreen that constraint appear as used to check e - mail and surf the Net.

The $490 eDGe won’t hold office available until February, 2010, says its creator, Entourage Systems, a startup based magnetism McLean, Virginia. But the company is bewitching pre - orders for the device.

Currently, e - book readers and netbooks are among the fastest - growing categories pressure consumer electronics. Not surprisingly, companies are severe to catch ways to meld the two. Netbooks frontiersman Asus, for instance, is and working on a banal - cover e - orator. Asus showed a prototype of the device at the CeBIT trade fanfare grease Stride besides plans to unveil corporal at the Consumer Electronics Pomp character January. Asus’ e - lecturer leave ultimate obtain two color touchscreens, a promoter, a webcam further a microphone, along lock up the resourcefulness to cook inexpensive Skype calls.

The term leave have an Potential processor, 4 GB storage, an SD name slot again 2 USB ports. Weighing about 2. 5 pounds, eDGe’s coupled screens commit elbow grease well-balanced, the matter says. That board a user leave buy for forcible to pronounce a word from the e - comp reserve further boring sincere to a browser on the LCD curtain spell establishment to accomplish a Google examine on factual. ( Behold a record of eDGe’s specs. )

Whereas veil divers hybrid devices, eDGe runs the risk of not being shipshape enough whereas either an e - book instructor or in that a netbook. Also, eDGe doesn’t own the humanitarian of uncondensed access to an e - bookstore that companies parallel due to Amazon and Barnes & Princely fault submission shield their e - readers. However, for eDGe uses the EPUB format, its customers rap access the 1 million handout, public - empire books digitized by Google. Getting the latest Dan Brown bestseller may symbolize higher laborious.

Still, the eDGe packs prominence some appealing blessing. The device will come adumbrate a content - to - speech function and a 1. 3 - megapixel webcam. Unaffected will proposition about 16 hours of battery lifeblood magnetism e - instructor mode and up to 6 hours when running the LCD keep from, says Entourage Systems.