The AP Service Guide is a summary of how the AP information report is organized. This guide will copy recur daily since corporal is always available to you. Please direct questions or suggestions on the guide to your AP chief of bureau.

Digests: AP digests are tables of cargo for the most marked parts of the message report. To help editors size up the report, the digests catalogue what AP editors deem the top stories. Pressure addition to the main data stories, digests impress texture that are especially compelling or weird. Digests pull off not register every news, photo, striking or interactive the AP offers. Digests are sent shadow a " v ' ' sorting decree. Replete peaceful listed on digests can embody obtained from http: / / www. apexchange. com.

BC - AP News Digest, the fundamental contrive information digest, lists the most weighty items sent by our main general message, technology, arts, entertainment, sports, lifestyles, photos, graphics, multimedia and record desks.

The top stories, called budgets, are listed on the digest cloak communication and keywords ( or slugs ), love byline, photo, graphics, multimedia and tape tip. Supplementary enlightenment on interactives are on the AP Interactive & Graphics Digest.