iPaymu.com Indonesia Online Payment
iPaymu.com is a work of the Son of Nations which has been present in our midst who of course is the answer to the increasingly widespread Internet users and service providers increase the selling / buying online and shop online.

iPaymu.com Indonesia Online Payment
access services is the payment / transaction that serves also as an appropriate counter for various online transactions. iPayMu.com this online payment service, from the payment using debit cards, credit cards have a function to draw up and send money.

What if you ask "Is the transaction in iPayMu.com safe?" SAFE, because iPayMu.com uses encryption security key technology 128 / 256-bit. In addition, iPayMu.com brought online transaction security system SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer). This SSL certificate to make information more customers locked SECURE, anyone who tries to steal credit card or other personal payment information will only have numbers and letters without meaning, unless they have the proper encryption code.

Another advantage iPayMu.com:
- FREE setup for online payments instantly;
- Integrated into the product, donation, subscription products, shopping carts with quick payment;
- iPayMu integrate online business bank serving with 87 cash withdrawals throughout Indonesia;
- IPayMu credit card facility has been integrated with multi-currency;
- IPayMu one account can be used for all bank accounts (87 Banks);
- iPayMu connected to the ATM Bersama and ATM Prima throughout Indonesia;
- iPayMu can be used for transactions in Indonesia or abroad to Indonesia;

Yo it's time we list on iPaymu.com Online Payments Indonesia and see the guidelines below: