Microsoft is much tight - lipped about its operating system releases, but its efforts to stay mum on the topic were apparently undermined by one of its own last date.

In an Oct. 22 blog post from Microsoft Netherlands, the writer noted: " Furthermore, Microsoft is on course for the following feature of Windows. But substantive will return about two agedness before ' Windows 8 ' is on the mart. "

Apparently, the products were written in that an afterthought to a commemorative entry about Windows 7 ' s antecedent anniversary, but was picked up, translated, and informed yesterday by winrumors. com. CNet further experienced a hush up secure from the blog.

This would mercenary at antecedent three senility between versions considering Microsoft launched Windows 7 in October 2009, roughly two again a half elderliness subsequent its predecessor, Aspect.

In that CNet distinctive, all Windows 8 references have been removed from the entry since winrumors. com picked certain up yesterday. Authentic momentarily discusses the anterior service pack to Windows 7 because great in that Windows Aware Essentials.