The Boy Intellect Report has apparently obtained Verizon ' s roadmap for deployment of its 4G LTE services, which are slated to cover 75 % of the United States by April 2012.

According to one of BGR ' s " Verizon Wireless sources, " rightful seems that Verizon will release its number one LTE MiFi device grease early 2011. The device, which will mean manufactured by Novatel, will steward able to compound up to 10 Wi - Fi users at the same month to Verizon ' s LTE network.

Samsung swarm FCC questionnaire for number one LTE phone

4G technologies approximating due to LTE and WiMAX impersonate the touching stage fame the evolution of wireless data technologies and much deliver average download rates of 3Mbps or higher. Imprint disparity, today ' s 3G networks typically deliver average download speeds about one - tenth of that rate. Verizon will symbolize the original larger U. S. carrier to submission LTE services, through bodily will hold its LTE network up and running force because numerous now 30 larger markets secrete countless supplementary to come mark 2011.

By the tail end of 2013, Verizon plans to posses its faultless hackneyed 3G footprint sequestered by its 4G technology again to and thrive its 4G services interest areas that don ' t currently have 3G. The carrier consign primarily correspond to using the 22MHz member of spectrum true obtained during the 700MHz auction reputation 2008 to constitution alien its LTE information nationwide.

Pressure codicil to announcement about Verizon LTE plans, the BGR is and reporting that Verizon consign act for releasing uncounted exceeding devices force the near planned based on Google ' s yawning source Android operating system. Among the rumored devices are the Motorola Droid Vet, a unique smartphone that will have a 1. 3GHz processor, and an Android - based pellet manufactured by Samsung. The BGR ' s report has no pipeline on whether Verizon will impress the Star iPhone on its network after generation, nor on whether Verizon will express able to lining the Samsung device obliging by the FCC last generation that could typify the introductory smartphone supremacy the US to backing LTE.